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April 2023

APP Artile

"Australian lab urges global co-operation on malaria jab". Read about our work in the media (e.g. the Daily Mail) or listen to a brief interview.


April 2023 (World Malaria Day)

Baum lab @ UNSW

This world malaria day (April 25th) we worked together with the UNSW Medicine & Health Media office to produce a short video. Check it out!


Jan 2023

Kirby Institute Seminar

Paratechnology: New tools for malaria control and eradication. A seminar at the Kirby Institute outlining some of our recent work.


March 2022

Malaria Diagnostics

Check out this great video from our friends at Imperial, highlighting Lacewing, which we've been working together on for malaria diagnosis.


Jan 2022

Baum lab @ UNSW

The Baum lab is officially in Sydney! We are still very much active at Imperial College London. Watch this space as the Oz lab takes shape...


Dec 2021

The Felix Podcast

An interview with Jake Baum about parasites, vaccines and life as an academic at Imperial College London.


October 2021

Institute of Infection

Day 1 launch of the Institute of Infection at Imperial College. A terrific keynote from Wellcome Chair and former Australian PM Julia Gillard.

InstituteofInfection bag.jpg

October 2021

Institute of Infection

Day 2 launch of the Institute with an amazing array of speakers from across Imperial College London's Infection community.


July 2021

Round Table TRT-World

Can RNA technology advance the hunt for a malaria vaccine? Jake joins a panel to discuss.


May 2021

Malaria Atlas 2.0

Read about our collaborative work with Sanger colleagues extending the current malaria scRNAseq atlas to transmission. Press release here.

Lab Picture_JoshatFFE.jpg

June 2021

A vaccine revolution?

Our work on developing dissection-independent isolation of pure malaria sporozoites is published. A mosquito smoothie for whole-parasite vaccines!


July 2021

PlasmoCount launched!

Read about PlasmoCount - our latest web tool to advance the counting and diagnosis of malaria parasites from thin smears.

World malaria day 2021.jpg

April 2021

World Malaria Day 2021

This April 25th we need to increase the sense of urgency for malaria vaccines and innovation. Jake on France24 news.

Smart diagnostics.jpg

April 2021

World Malaria Day 2021

As part of our work in Digital Diagnostics for Africa, a piece sharing our views on smart diagnostics with the Malaria Consortium


March 2021

Next gen vaccines

We are collaborating with tech startup baseimmune to design and test an entirely new strategy in protein-based vaccinology...

Image from iOS.jpg

November 2019

CBC Live Radio Interview

Listen to Jake on CBC's The Current with Laura Lynch, discussing soup, alternative medicines, drug discovery and traditional wisdom.

November 2019

Media: Malaria-fighting properties of Soup

Read about how our project with school children went viral!


November 2018

Inaugural Lecture

Watch Jake's inaugural lecture on YoutubeEradicating malaria, a journey down the lens of a microscope.

Jungle fever.jpg

June 2019

Exhibition Festival

An incredible day of outreach and engagement with the general public, with an amazing malaria zone dedicated to ICE malaria science.


September 2019

Lancet Commission

An interview with Voice of America discussing the launch of the Lancet Commission report into Global Malaria Eradication. Is it a realisable goal?

Exflagellation 1 (RGB rendering).png

September 2018

Meds for mosquitoes

Read the press release for our Nature Communications paper or google online for some of the associated stories.

Green Circle

September 2018

Making Connections

A short movie highlighting funding that is enabling joint work between our lab and the Regev-Rudzki lab at the Weizmann Institute of Science.


July 2018

Wonderlabs podcast

Wonderlabs podcast interviews Marion about her research on malaria.

May 2018

TRT-world Rountable

A panel discussion on the future of malaria eradication.

April 2018

Independent Interview

An interview with Jake in the Independent Newspaper about the lab's transmission blocking drug discovery pipeline.

April 2018

Fight Malaria Podcast

A podcast from the fightmalaria team about our transmission blocking drug discovery work.

May 2018

Reuters interview

An interview with Thompson Reuters on the future of antimalarial drug discovery.

October 2017

ICE Malaria Launch

Listen to talks from Jake and other Imperial Malaria Scientists at the College's Malaria Network launch.

June 2017

IGHI Podcast

A podcast from the Institute for Global Health Innovation discussing the fight against malaria.

March 2017

An atomic map for MEF

Read about how an atomic map of the ribosome might give the malaria drug Mefloquine new life. Press release.

February 2017

Lights Camera Action!

London Molecular Parasitology Meeting talk on how imaging is advancing antimalarial discovery.

July 2015

Tomorrow of malaria!

A short documentary by the Economist featuring Andrea and Michael from the drug discovery team!

April 2015

BMC Malaria Journal

Interview with Jake and other malaria scientists about research, innovation and eradication.

February 2017

Structure of the Ribosome

A podcast coinciding with the publication of the parasite 80S ribosome.

May 2013

The Bionic Parasite

WEHI Wednesday Seminar 2013 "The Bionic Parasite".

Ribosome podcast - Jake Baum

October 2012

Malaria: Postgrad Sem.

WEHI postgraduate seminar by Jake on Overview of malaria parasite, virulence and resistance mechanisms.

January 2011

ABC News Super-Res!

ABC news coverage of the Super Resolution revolution in malaria from the Baum lab.

January 2011

Channel 7 bulletin

Channel 7 Coverage of Dave Riglar's Super resolution paper from the Baum lab.

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