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July 1st 2021

Congratulations Fabio!

PhD viva done! Amazing work from our lab manager, the backbone of the lab and all round star! Just ignore what he was wearing below the zoom camera!

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Baum lab news

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November 2021

Congratulations Sabrina!

Another PhD done! What an amazing journey, mastery of gams, imaging, drugs discovery, CETSA... A maestro of all techniques. Well done Sabrina! You've done us proud. Next stop Harvard woo hoo!

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Baumlab news

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Jan 2021

Baum lab down-under

Its all change as the lab opens up a new home in Sydney, Australia. Watch this space for more news...

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Baumlab news

...old news...

Dr Tom Blake

August 2020

Congratulations to Tom on passing his PhD viva. COVID tried to stop us! But we're still fighting - with Tom at the front. Good on ya!

End of a decade

December 2019

As the year comes to a close, the lab celebrates its first decade, with the annual xmas feast. Silly hats included.

MeBOP - Thrilled to be part of such an fantasitic project

July 2019

With full respect to Omar Harb and Lilach Sheiner for their efforts in starting and running (now year 4) the MeBOP course... Jake very honoured to be one of the speakers (and very happy with MeBOP t-shirt - soon to appear on lab runs). https://www.middle-eastbop.com/

All change! Farewell to Nando, Kate, Linda and Irene

July 2019

There's a lot of change! As we welcome Karolina, we say good bye to four members of the lab off to start PhD's (Irene and Linda), revolutionise industry (Kate) or take the helm of lab management (Nando). Good luck - we will miss you all!

Our first chemisty Dr! Well done Charlie

February 2019

Great to see Charlie pass his viva - our first chemist, and first ICB CDT PhD student to complete. Terrific to share the journey with the Tate lab @ Imperial. Good on ya! Surfs up.

Baum lab retreat 2017

June 2017

24 hours in the Kent Countryside - fresh air, team building, late night philosophical musings and amazing catering (thanks Kathrin and team). Despite the absence of science on the agenda mumblings of new ideas and experiments peppered discussions about ultimate play lists and swimming races in the pool.

Baum Lab Football

May 23rd 2017

Bringing our own unique qualities to the Beautiful Game - Hyde Park played has already played host to the inaugural Baum Lab football match. Now that the game is a near regular occurrence, and thanks to Tin's amazing drone the lab is taking football to a whole new level... From match to movie... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlEy6YCD6eA

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