The Baum lab has a wide range of interests covering every scale of biology and every stage of the malaria parasite lifecycle. This includes projects from: atomic level protein structure, targeted gene disruption using CRISPR/Cas9, through to single molecule imaging and biophysics; sub-cellular level including super resolution imaging and live imaging of motile malaria parasites in multi-colour 4D; and the whole cell, imaging parasites on the move. Our interests incorporate focuses from host-cell invasion through to mosquito colonisation, liver-to-blood infection and the process of sexual stage development. We're passionate about drug discovery and diagnostics, working with collaborators. Our primary focus right now is on walking the walk of a new malaria vaccine - watch this space! Ultimately, our eclectic interests all centre on the fundamentals of parasite cellular biology. We are best defined by the interests and amazing unique skills of each researcher in the lab; each bringing their own style towards a holistic understanding of  parasite biology and development of strategies to stop malaria disease.

Jake Baum

Lab Head: Although my research career has covered many wide areas of interests, I have had a long-standing fascination with the processes of erythrocyte invasion and the generic mechanisms that define cell motility/invasion. I am also passionate about drug discovery and translation.

Josh Blight

Postdoctoral scientist: Josh is keen on developing new tools to study parasite-host interactions, with key expertise in liver-stage infection and sporozoite biology

Farah Dahalan

Postdoctoral Scientist: Farah is a recent recruit to the transmission team with a background in mosquito-parasite-microbiome interactions. She is exploring transmission and drug resistance.

Fabio Fisher

Laboratory Manager and now PhD student: Fabio is a master protein chemist and laboratory manager for the Baum lab with a hand in pretty much every project! He is working on targeting protein complexes for his PhD.

Alisje Churchyard

Postdoctoral scientist: Alisje leads our MMV-sponsored programme finding drugs targeting parasite transmission through the mosquito.

Sabrina Yahiya

PhD student. A joint student with the laboratory of Matthew Fuchter working on designing and testing new molecules targeting malaria transmission

Mo Ducker

Postdoctoral Scientist: Mo joins the team, with a background in immunology to explore comparative host immune responses to different malaria vaccines strategies.

Dave Grimson

Research Technician: Joining us in 2020 from Australia, Dave is working on the MMV program and bringing his skills in immunology to the vaccine program.

Eliana Real

Postdoctoral Scientist: Blazing a trail in transmission, Eliana is focussed on dissecting sporozoite biology and the power of single cell RNA sequencing.

Tom Blake

PhD graduate: Dr Tom Blake 2020! A maestro at live parasite imaging, working on the mechanics of parasite invasion of the red cell.

Adrian Najer

Postdoctoral scientist: Jointly with the lab of Molly Stevens, based in the Dept of Engineering at Imperial, Adrian is a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow working at the interface between nano-vesicles and parasite biology.

Project Manager

Project Manager: Coming soon....

Michal Pasternak

Postdoctoral Scientist: A Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow working jointly (and based with) the lab of Alan Cowman in Melbourne Australia doing ground-breaking 3D imaging.

Mira Davidson

Research Assistant. Expanding the labs computational biology working on the use of machine learning for parasite staging.

Geoffrey Pasvol

Emeritus Professor and legend in the field of malaria parasite biology with a particular interest in the role of erythrocyte antigens in asexual parasite infection.

Clare Andradi-Brown

PhD student. A joint student with the laboratory of our close collaborator Aubrey Cunnington working on using the power of computational biology to look at RNA transcriptomes.

Postgraduate (Masters), Undegraduate students and Visitors

Past lab members and visitors

Dr George Ashdown (Postdoc) 2020; Ms Emmanuoela Petsolari (MSc) 2020; Mr Jingran Zhang (MRES) 2020; Ms Nina Short (MSc) 2020; Ms Marine Secchi (MRES) 2020; Ms Josephine Eum (MRES) 2020; Dr Silvia Haase (Postdoc) 2019; Dr Kathrin Witmer (Postdoc) 2019; Ms Karolina Oniszczuk (Technician) 2019; Ms Sarah Jordan (MSc) 2019; Mr Adam Efrat (MSc) 2019; Ms Irene Garcia Barbazan (Technician) 2019; Dr Kate Wright (Postdoc) 2019; Mr Fernando Sanchez-Roman Teran (Technician) 2019; Ms Linda Makhlouf (Technician) 2019; Ms Pantki Vaishnav (MSc) 2019; Dr Oriol Llora (PhD) 2019; Mr Oriol Llora (Visitor) 2019; Ms Evelyn Quansah (Visitor); Mr Brian Leung (MRES) 2018; Dr Oliver Lyth (PhD) 2018; Ms Emily Calamita (MSc) 2018; Ms Maddy Wynn (MSc) 2018; Ms Houriiyah Tegally (MSc) 2018; Dr Michael Delves (PDRA) 2018; Dr Marion Koch (PhD graduate) 2018; Ms Ursula Straschil (Technician and Laboratory Manager) 2018; Ms Dounia Cherkoui (Technician and MRES) 2018; Mr Tariq Shour (MSc) 2018; Ms Abigail Laverack (MRES) 2018; Mr Toby Barnes (MRES) 2017; Ms Eva Hamrud (MSc) 2017; Ms Dounia Cherkoui (MSc) 2017; Dr Holly Matthews (Postdoc) 2017; Ms. Celia Miguel Blanco (Technician) 2017; Ms. Olivia Swann (Technician) 2017; Mr. Max Addison (MRES) 2017; Ms. Xenia Karlsson (MSc) 2016; Ms. Sara Zakutansky (RT) 2016; Ms. Katja Hassler (Medical Student Visitor) 2016; Dr. Hella Baumann (Postdoc) 2016; Ms. Linda Makhlouf (MSc) 2016; Ms. Olivia Swann (MSc) 2016; Dr. Rama McCrorie (Postdoc) 2016; Dr. Andrea Ruecker (Postdoc) 2016; Dr. Chwen Tay (Postdoc) 2016; Ms. Eloise Withnell (Undergrad) 2016; Ms. Janice Tong (Undergrad) 2016; Mr. Dominic Raffin (Undergrad) 2016; Mr. Matthew Sinnott (Undergrad) 2016; Mr. Vladimir Chapman (Undergrad) 2016; Mr. David Busse (MSc) 2016; Ms. Mengqiao Li (MSc) 2016; Mr. Hossain Delowar (MSc) 2016; Dr. Sara Rute Lamas Oliveira Marques (Postdoc) 2016; Mr. Niklas Rehmert (MSc) 2015; Ms. Desiree Eggers (MSc) 2015; Mr Jonathan Mitchell (MSc) 2015; Dr. Alexandre Dufour (Visitor - Pasteur Institute) 2014; Dr. Maya Olshina (PhD) 2014; Dr. Liz Zuccala (PhD) 2014; Dr. Fiona Angrisano (PhD) 2014; Ms. Rachel Gillespie (MSc) 2014; Ms. Josie Ferreira (MSc) 2014; Mr. Javier Vinals Camallonga (MSc) 2014; Dr. Silvia Haase (Postdoc) 2014; Dr. Wilson Wong (Postdoc) 2014; Ms. Melanie Condron (Technician) 2014; Ms. Yan Hong Tan (Research Technician) 2014; Mr. Raphael Kim (Technician) 2014; Ms. Melanie Stockhausen (MSc) 2014; Ms. Grace Singh (Undergrad) 2014; Dr. Noa Dahan Pasternak (Visitor) 2013; Dr. Tim Satchwell (Visitor) 2013; Dr. Mark Scott (Visitor) 2013; Dr. Kartik Bane (Visitor) 2012; Dr. Ito Daisuke (Visitor) 2012; Dr. David Riglar (PhD) 2012; Mr. Danushka Marapana (Technician) 2012.

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