A call to a very personal climate change...

A news piece in Science Magazine really hit home this week. Reporting on the shrinkage of sea ice as a result of CO2 emissions, the article explored the observation that a metric ton of CO2 costs the Arctic 3 square meters of summer sea ice; more CO2, more ice loss a seemingly direct relationship. The power of this value, even if its a little more complex than that, is that it makes tangible the idea that if we know how much CO2 we produce individually, then we can feel a sense of responsibility and connectedness to the water and summer/winter ice cycle. And by extension to the shocking destruction of the polar ice caps and the subsequent rising of sea levels etc. etc. When you look at the m

Start a ripple...

My 8-year-old son looked at me with fear in his eyes this morning as the results of the US election came through. We live in the UK. He should have nothing to fear. Traveling on the London underground faces are grim. Everyone is looking inwards. So today I will try, against a rising inner sadness/fear, to do the opposite. Do a few, small, kind acts. Acts that look outwards. Random small acts of kindness. A spontaneous smile may be. Stand tall rather than hunched. Perhaps this will re-enforce, even just for me, a belief that all of us are still good people, wanting the best for each other. That the inward glance so dominant in the world psyche this year is a blip in a global trajectory that d

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