The force is still strong... a new year message

May be its just age. But 2016 felt different. The world saw so many changes. Most difficult of all is the fall of so many of our icons. Heroes of our modern day. Heroes at work. Heroes from childhood. Leaders who stood for something. Whether we mourn the loss of Muhammad Ali, John Glenn, Fidel Castro or Shimon Peres, Prince, Bowie, Leonard or George, Alan Rickman or Gene Wilder, Roger Tsien or Susan Lindquist, Harper Lee or Elie Wiesel. Fighters. Pioneers. Revolutionaries. (Each irrespective of whether we loved, loathed or felt ambivalence towards them). These were the musical backing track to our (well... my) youth. The villains or magicians of our imagination. Thinkers and innovators. Ring

World Malaria Report 2016

Its an amazing time to be in Malaria research. The gains of the last 10-15 years are amazing (reducing deaths from over 1 million to some 400,000). The challenge ahead is maintaining these gains, and approaching the once laughable idea of eradication. Having listened to the launch on Tuesday I was struck by one key challenge. With changes in endemicity and intensity of transmission as we approach eradication, this will itself change the game, certainly making it a new battle and likely a harder one to win. The parasite will likely change (selection for drug resistance will be intense and parasites may shift ecological niche in the body - more dormancy??? its not often talked about with falci

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