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Brexit: you can take me out of the EU but not the European out of me!

My children asked me this morning whether because of Brexit the UK was no longer part of Europe. EU and Europe are not the same but its easy to think that the small stretch of sea between the UK and France today got a bit wider. Its unbelievable to think we as a country voted to isolate ourselves further from Europe. Irrespective, the coming months will resolve what this actually means, with much of it looking remarkably the same in all likelihood for most people. However, it is VERY unclear what this will mean for Science. EU Horizon 2020; ERC fellowships; our ability to recruit the best and brightest from across Europe and export our own talent over there... It is sad that as the world becomes more divisive, more bigoted, more xenophobic, we didn't choose to remain. Either way - to our European colleagues - we are (much to my children's relief) still Europeans!!

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